Please Read This Statement Below.

Dear people of S18,

During the first lockdown last spring, many of you took to our golf course for exercise - we at Hallowes Golf Club were pleased to play our part in supporting the local community through such a difficult time for everyone and we were grateful that you respected our course and did not cause any damage.

Unfortunately, with Lockdown 3 we are facing a totally different situation. In the spring, due to the hot weather, the golf course was dry and firm and could withstand people walking on it.

Now following immense amounts of rain and snow over the winter and more recently snow thaw and with the anticipation of continuous rain over the next 2 days, the ground cannot withstand the numbers of people walking across the soft turf.

Therefore, we politely request that anyone walking near to our course sticks to the recognised paths and roads around our boundaries and that you stop walking over the course.

We are very proud or our golf course at Hallowes which provides a great deal of enjoyment for members of the local community and beyond. It is also something that our committed green staff spend their entire working lives looking after and are continuing to do so during this latest lockdown.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you all keep well and safe during this continuing pandemic.

Board of Directors